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Create Your Own Power

US manufactured solar panels, brand name batteries, 30 year production warranty, and best local service office you can trust.

Solar You Can Trust

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Great workplace... it definitely exceeded my expectation greatly.

Everything you need to know

With over 4 years in residential and commercial solar, ALONIU gets it. Our teams are experienced and highly trained to help you pick the best solar system for your home.

Dont Lease Solar

Unfortunately, some residents are mislead into signing a solar lease. They end up with little to no savings while being locked into a 20 year lease. In turn big solar companies benefit by taking advantage of the Federal tax incentive (26% ITC) and the States rebate programs instead of you.  This creates a big upside for them and little to no benefit for you. Simply put... finance or purchase instead.

Best Warranties

Warranty's that make us the best. Our solar panels carry a 30yr production guarantee and a 25yrs workmanship warranty. Our inverters have a warranty of up to 25yrs while most companies only cover 10 years. Our installers carry a 10 year labor warranty, covering any damage caused by installer error.

Why go solar?

Solar energy creates an environmentally safe place for our children, while saving you an average of $35,000 over the next 25yrs. And all this while utilizing earths oldest power source, the sun. And did I mention the Government wants to pay 26% of your solar project while the state of Arizona pays another $1000. And the kicker is... you pay nothing out of pocket to get started. With finance options at $0 down, 2.99% APR solar is just a no brainer. And the best part is you're swapping out your expensive utility bill for a cheaper solar bill.

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Build your system now

What kind of property would you like to power?

Calculate Savings

Hardware and Warranty's



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The most important part of going solar, is getting the numbers right. Enter in your average monthly utility bill. Take your lowest winter bill and your highest summer bill, add them together and divide by two.



Once we have your yearly usage, We can calculate the system size needed to produce the same amount of electricity for your home. This information gets added into a report we call a solar proposal. Type in your email  here to get access.



All the hard work is done. Now it's time to see your projected savings and use the free power of the sun to energize your home. Click "Go to proposal" to see your proposal now!



The name ALONIU means "Hello Coconut" in the Polynesian culture. ALO represents the spirit of friendship and is derived from the Hawaiian greeting of Aloha. NIU, in the Polynesian culture, means coconut and is considered a symbol of life. The coconut gave all of the essentials for life on an island by providing water and food. The husk was used to make fire, while the leaves of the coconut tree were used for shelter, baskets, and apparel. The greatest problem facing homeowners today is the lack of time and money. So we are simply combining all of our resources to fill that need. 

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Maui, the Hawaiian demigod, united all of the islands so that all mankind may prosper. We believe that through uniting industries such as Solar & Security we can bring prosperity to our clients and our employee's. 


ALONIU was created with technology in mind. We are in a constant search to find the newest technology at an affordable rate. We have been utilizing our volume to pass savings down to you the consumer.



To schedule a in-home consultation with one of our utility consultants, please fill out the fields. 

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