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Appointment Setter Qualifying Phase 2

Presented by        Aloniu Energy

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Here is What You'll Learn

Learn how to ENTER leads in SST

How to use the company CRM Solar Sales Tracker to Enter leads and generate appointments.

Helping Customers find their Energy Bills

APS and SRP have easy ways to pull a customers usage graph located on their energy bill via website and paper billing.

How to communicate with GROUPME

How to use the company chatrooms to communicate and congratulate your fellow coworkers.

Learn a Script that works

Nothing is more important than feeling success while doing your job. The script has been crafted to reduce rejection and allow for high production.

How to use XenCall autodialer

Learn how to use the company autodialer XENCALL, to enter contacts and disposition effortlessly.

How do handle objections

Handling objections allows you to add value to the customer and yourself by having the answers that may lead to a sale.

About Aloniu

ALONIU provides Arizona Residents with the best in solar technology and installation practices. By 2030 solar and wind power is expected to make up 20% of our earths energy, and we are excited to do our part. Times have changed and we are excited to move our lead generation teams over to remote work done from home. Complete the 2 phase qualifying process, pass your tests, and join us in  bringing prosperity back to families through solar power.

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