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Protect what matters most.

Security You Can Trust

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Great workplace... it definitely exceeded my expectation greatly.

Everything you need to know

Live professional alerts
Monitoring agents are ready day and night so you can rest easy. They even stay on the line till help arrives.


Visual Verification
Confirm alerts by visually verifying an emergency via personal security cameras. Send the authorities yourself or let us do it. 


Bypass the Salesperson
No contracts means no high commissions. Leave the middle guy out.


Plan B
Battery back up, anti tamper technology, wifi and cellular capable systems, your system protects you when plan A fails. 


Wise man built his house upon a rock

We protect from leaks, floods, and fires. That sounds like a pretty solid foundation.



Doorbell to indoor/outdoor cameras, you can watch every inch of your property realtime and recorded.


Sleek Design
Sleek and modern makes safety look good.


Temperature Sensing Motion
Animals run different temps than people. Let our tech only catch the bad guys, and not your cute little fury friends. 

On a Video Call

Find the perfect system.

What kind of property would you like to protect?


Compare your security options

Traditional Home Security

  • Professional Monitoring

  • 60 month contract, monitoring, costs $50/month

  • Wired system with landline

  • Poor rating on Google

ALONIU home security

  • Professional Monitoring

  • No contracts

  • Completely wireless

  • Great rating on Google

  • Simple self set up


How it works


Choose your equipment. We'll walk you through steps to determine your security needs and ship it straight to your door.


Install your own equipment, or get a professional to install it like a pro. Customer service is standing by to walk you through setup.


If the system is triggered you can dispatch authorities yourself or let the monitoring station do it for you.

Top reasons go with us.

Remote Access

You can access your system at a distance with web or cell phone app giving you the control of safety at your fingertips.

Alexa Intergrated
Professional Help

Let Alexa activate and deactivate your system at the command of your voice.

Our professionals can help you design your system just the way you like with expert advice.

Long Lasting Battery Life

Lithium ion batteries coupled with low consumption devices makes for long intervals between battery replacement in your wireless devices. 

Silent Notifications
Signal Strength

Get non-emergency alerts sent to your cell phone when medicine cabinet, food pantry, or gun safe opens while system is off.

Our system connectivity covers the expanse of your wifi network and reaches every corner of your home.

Text Alerts

Text alerts set up to notify family and friends.

Know your System

Your main panel connects through wifi and cellular signals to alert and notify you and the authorities.

Your system will protect, save, and automate your home.

Biometric ID

Disarm at the panel via thumb or fingerprint identification.

Main Panel

Give our ALONIU security system a try for 30 days and if you are not satisfied feel free to return it for a full refund. This is a 100% money back guarantee. 

Give it a good ol college try!

"Ive saved up to almost $1500"

Joe V.

"These guys are the best"

Sarah C.

"I love that they provide many options"

Wendy B.

"It definitely exceeded my expectations"

Joel T.

"They gave me a great deal"

Adian M.

"Very friendly and flexible"

Zach R.

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